Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dashboard Charts Now Clickable and Interactive

Several weeks ago, I updated the charts which appear on the dashboard page when you log in. These new charts aren't just prettier -- they can also be clicked and manipulated. First off, you'll notice that when you hover over any of the data points, you'll see a small window which gives you more information about that particular point of data. This allows the graph to map out your data in general terms, while still giving you access to exact points used to create the map.

On the right menu of the charts you'll also find a colour coded list of the weeks represented on the image. If your account has been tracking for more than a week, you'll see up to three weeks here. Try clicking these menu items and you'll see that the data points toggle on and off as you do so. This allows you to view one, two or three weeks simultaneously.

Once you're aware that the charts can be altered, they become much more helpful. As the rest of the site is updated with the new charts, keep in mind that this will also be clickable and that there may be more information available to you than may initially appear to be the case.

I welcome all feedback about the new charts. Please feel free to get in touch with suggestions and other comments. If you'd like to see a demo of the types of charts which could be added to the WunderCounter, have a look at the HighCharts demo page.