Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dashboard Charts on Handheld Devices

I had a user contact me today to let me know that the clickable charts on the dashboard page are causing problems when viewing stats on the iPhone.  To remedy this, I have disabled the charts on iPhone, iPod and BlackBerry devices.  This seems like the simplest solution to the problem.  If anyone misses the charts on their smaller handheld device, use the support form to let me know which device you're using and we can look into other solutions for this problem.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Organization Name Added to Daily and Page Reports

I've added a new column to the daily and page reports called "Organization".  Based on the visitor's IP address, this column will report the name of the organization (eg "Google") if the user originates from a corporate or educational network.  For residential networks, you'll find the name of the ISP in this column (eg "Comcast Cable").

This column has been added to the "Extended" report format and is now also available as part of the custom report layouts.