Monday, March 30, 2009

WunderCounter Helps Apprehend Suspected Laptop Thieves

This morning I had a WunderCounter user message me about how she used the site to help recover a stolen laptop. (Thanks, Christine!) I'm publishing it here with her permission :


I just wanted to pass along my story. Last week my laptop was stolen. I do not have an anti-theft device like laptop LoJack so the police told me they would check the pawn shops, but it was probably gone forever.

My personal web page is set as my browser home page. In the small hope they might try to surf the internet, I put your IP Logging page counter on my home page. A few hours later, a suspicious IP address was visiting my web page. I was able to give this info to the police and help them track down the thieves and recover my laptop the next day!

So, thank you, thank you, thank you for your service! I needed something that I could add to my web page immediately and your 2 week free trial provided that. The site was easy to use and the police were excited to have some information to lead them in the right direction. Ultimately, I believe they were caught based on descriptions of the get-away car. However, I'm sure the IP address information provided by your service will be a big help in making sure these guys are convicted.

Thanks again!

This illustrates a use of the WunderCounter which, to be honest, had never occurred to me. :)

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