Thursday, September 2, 2010

My First Published iPhone App is for Perl Hackers

This past June (2010) I released my first iPhone application. @ioncache and I had put our heads together to build a tool we felt was lacking in the Perl community. All of the documentation for Perl's massive software archive, the CPAN, was not available as an iPhone application. If you're a Perl hacker, you may well find this to be a very useful tool. You can grab it here.

iCPAN brings you the documentation for over 60,000 Perl modules in the palm of your hand, for offline browsing whenever you may need it. You can bookmark your favourites and also view your recently searched modules. I've used it many times myself and I find it to be a great tool for reading up on modules with which I am already familiar and also for discovering new tools I can use when hacking on code (like the WunderCounter).

After getting lots of valuable feedback, we're now optimizing this application for the iPad. I'll post again when the iPad version is available in the Apple app store.

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