Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tracking Facebook Links is Easy with TweetDeck and WunderCounter

In an earlier post, I gave instructions on how to start tracking links you share via TweetDeck. As a follow-up to that post, I just want to reiterate that TweetDeck shares links on more than just Twitter.

In fact, TweetDeck is really good at sharing your links on Facebook. What's the point in sharing links if nobody clicks them? With TweetDeck and WunderCounter you can get a better idea of how many people actually care about the content you're sharing with them.

TweetDeck is flexible. It gives you the option of auto-shortening (ie tracking) your links automatically or only shortening the links which you specifically want to track.

TweetDeck is easy. When you're using TweetDeck, you don't need to log in to Facebook to post an update. You also don't need to log in to the WunderCounter to get a trackable URL. It all happens in the background -- seamlessly. You don't need to worry about the details. Just enter your status update, submit it and you're done. Then, check your WunderCounter account at your convenience to see what your link activity is.

TweetDeck is free. It runs on Mac, PC and Linux and is available for your phone in your favourite app store. Check it out and let me know what you think!

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