Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to Track Twitter Links via the WunderCounter

I recently had someone ask me just how to go about tracking Twitter links, so I thought I'd summarize the different ways. There are, essentially two ways to use the WunderCounter to track Twitter links. Firstly, you can integrate the WunderCounter with your software and secondly, you can create the links using a link generator in your WunderCounter account.

For more information on integrating the WunderCounter with software solutions, check out my posts on Automating your link tracking is easy with TweetDeck, Tweetie and Tweetings.

If you use different software which allows you to specify a custom URL shortener, please let me know, so that I can post an article on that software as well.

If you're unable to shorten links automatically with software or if, for example, you're posting directly from, you can create links in just a couple of clicks. Once you have logged in to your WunderCounter account. Choose "Generate HTML" -> "URL Shortener". Enter the URL you want to link to on this page, click "get short URL" and your shortened URL will be presented to you. Just copy/paste this shortened link into your tweet and your tracking will begin.

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