Saturday, August 9, 2014

Planned Downtime 2014-08-10

There's almost never any planned WunderCounter downtime, but tomorrow I need to migrate one of the databases to some new hardware. It would be hard to do this without downtime and still keep all of the numbers in sync, so there will be a short period of downtime tomorrow (August 10), probably between 7 and 10 AM EST.  It could be up to 20 minutes, but may well be less than 10.  Both the main WunderCounter site and the reporting area will be offline during this time.

This is necessary to get the databases of some aging equipment to a new server with SSDs and 8 times the amount of RAM which the database servers currently have.  The rest of the migration will take place slowly over the next week or two and shouldn't have any noticeable downtime.  Once that is complete you should see a boost in speed when accessing reports etc.

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