Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How To: Using the Summary Feed

The new Summary Feed is now live and available via the API. It's still in beta mode, but it's available to Premium accounts as of right now.

What is the Summary Feed?

The Summary Feed is an RSS feed which gives you very basic information about your traffic on any given day. It will tell you the number of hits received so far, number of hits expected and the number of hits per hour. The purpose of this feed is give you a quick overview of how your traffic is progressing on any given day.

It generally looks something like this:

1970 hits since Midnight CST
2074 projected hits by end of day

86.41 hits/hour

The Summary Feed is essentially the same feed as can now be found under RSS on the Options menu. The RSS section of the Options menu will likely be retired in the near future, so if this is a feed which you are currently using, you're encouraged to move over the API Summary Feed.

If you're unclear about the API or how RSS feeds work, please see the Tripwire How To article.

To find the Summary Feed:
  • Choose Options
  • Choose API
  • Click on the Watcher link
You'll be able to find the Watcher feed URL on this page. It takes just a few minutes to get this set up once the API is enabled you're comfortable working with RSS feeds.

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