Monday, January 26, 2009

API Watcher Feeds: Now With Tagging and Pretty URLs

If you're using the API Watcher RSS feeds, you will have noticed that IP tags were not appearing in your RSS feeds. This has now been corrected. Originally, I thought that I had not done the tagging work for the Watcher feeds. Upon closer inspection it turns out that I had, in fact, done the work, but that my work was just buggy. ;) If you're tagging your IPs, hopefully you'll find these feeds much more useful now.

I've also updated the display of the referring URLs in the Watcher and Tripwire feeds. You'll now see that those ugly, long search engine URLs have been cleaned up, just like they get cleaned up in your daily log files. For example,

now gets cleaned up like this: : wundercounter

The links still go to the same place, but they're now much easier to read.

I hope you are having as much fun with these feeds as I am. Right now the feeds are my favourite thing about the WunderCounter. Let me know what you think of the API. I'm happy to hear all kinds of feedback, positive and negative.

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