Sunday, January 18, 2009

Myspace 2.0 Profile: Headline (and other) Trackers

If you have a Myspace band/music site, please see this post for instructions on how to track your page.

If you've upgraded your Myspace Profile to 2.0 and you had placed your WunderCounter code in the headline, your WunderCounter code may no longer be tracking. Here's how to get the WunderCounter code back into your headline with Myspace Profile 2.0.

Please note that the headline tracker only works when your profile is set to public. If you use a headline tracker in private mode, the tracker will not work and it will also get exposed in your headline -- it's ugly! So, if your profile is private, put the code somewhere else, like your "about me" section. See below...
  • Log in to Myspace
  • Select Profile -> Customize Profile
  • You'll find a pencil icon on the top right of the Basic Information box. Click this icon.
  • Under Visible Items there is a menu which allows you to show Headline or Status/Mood. Select Headline.
  • Click the yellow Publish button on the top right of your screen to save your changes
This will now allow your headline to be visible on your Myspace profile page. Now, if you need to edit your profile:
  • Select Profile -> Edit Profile
  • Select Basic Info
  • Edit any fields and then click Save Changes
If you don't wish to have the WunderCounter in your headline, you can add it to one of several other places. For example:

  • Select Profile -> Edit Profile
  • Select About Me or Interests
  • Add the WunderCounter code to one of the boxes on any of these pages
  • Save your changes
Just make sure that wherever you put your WunderCode, you decide to make this area viewable when you customize your profile.


Anonymous said...

Where is the code?

test said...

@Anonymous: you need to create a WunderCounter account in order to log in and create the code. There are free trials available. Click the "Free Trial" link at