Friday, April 3, 2009

How to Use Counter Filters: Delete and Freeze

As of today, I'm introducing the concept of filters, which can be applied to the counters and trackers in your account. Filters have been introduced in order to allow you to permanently delete counters and trackers in your account. In the past, if you deleted a counter the same page name would re-appear in your account if it was visited again by you or someone else. In some cases, this is not the desired behaviour and the filters will correct this.

There are currently two filters: delete and freeze. To apply a filter, log in to your account and choose Counter Reset & Delete from the Options menu on your dashboard page. You find the filters on this page.


The delete filter does pretty much what you expect. If you apply this filter to a counter, the counter will be removed from the pages tracked listings on your dashboard page. It will also be removed from search menus on your reports. It will not be removed from aggregate stats or daily log files. So, if the page which you have just marked as deleted was visited 50 times yesterday, your stats for yesterday will not decrease by 50 hits -- they will remain the same and you will still see them as you browse yesterdays log files.

Hits to this counter which take place after you have applied the delete filter will not appear in your stats. If, in future, you choose to re-enable this counter, you may do so by selecting to show deleted counters and then removing the delete filter from this counter. At that point, your counter will begin tracking again.

Some users choose to delete their counters daily as a matter of preference. If you're in the habit of doing this, do not apply the delete filter to your counters as they will become inactive. What you really want to do is reset your counters to zero. This is probably what you want to be doing anyway. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with me.


The freeze filter is a completely new concept to the WunderCounter. Applying this filter to a counter means that your counter will continue to display, but it will no longer increment or continue to track any stats. You may find this useful if you only want to track certain pages on certain days or if you want control over which stats are collected over certain periods of time.

Removing Old Counter Code

If you really do want to delete a counter, you should also remove the actual code from your pages. This is in the interest of conserving CPU and bandwidth. If thousands (or tens of thousands) of users don't remove unused counter code, it creates a lot of traffic on the Internet (and on WunderCounter servers) which is unnecessary. It eats up resources and electricity. So, in the interest of a greener online experience, please take a moment to remove any counter code which is no longer relevant. It's a bit like turning the lights off when you leave a room. It's a small gesture, but when applied on a grander scale it can make a big difference.

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