Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bug Fixes: Search and Layout

I've just fixed a couple of noteworthy bugs. First off, in some cases, when a user tried to produce custom report results for specific pages, no results would be returned even when there clearly should have been results. This would have affected all searches which can be constrained by "page". For example, if you had searched on traffic by city and decided to view results only from page "x", you may have (incorrectly) gotten no results. There was a problem with the SQL searching on the wrong column for page names, which has now been fixed.

Secondly, those of you who use Internet Explorer would have seen search results in black text displayed on a black background for some reports, such as the hits by city. This is caused by MSIE not recognizing "fff" as shorthand for "ffffff" (which is how "white" is defined in the source of the report). This has now also been fixed. Thanks, Perry, for pointing out both of these issues.

If you come across bugs (or what you think might be bugs), please let me know when you see them. These can be problems with actual data or even just display issues. I develop in Firefox and don't always have the chance to check things out in Internet Explorer, so occasionally display issues can appear which I'm unaware of. Taking the time to let me know allows me to fix it for you as well as any other users who may be seeing the same thing. The faster you report it, the faster I can fix it!

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