Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Facebook Link Tracking in Facebook Notes

You may have read an earlier article where I told you that Facebook note tracking was no longer working. This is true, but all is not lost. You can still track links which are clicked in Facebook notes and you can track some other Facebook links.

If you're logged in to Facebook, you should be able to see this working demo:

Interested? Let's have a look at how to do this.

(Please note that this technique requires a feature which is only available to Premium accounts.

First, let's create a new Facebook note:

  • log in to Facebook
  • click the Profile tab
  • click the Write Note link that's on your wall subtab
  • give the note a title (note that you cannot put a tracker in the note's title)
  • put your message in the body of the note. make sure you have room for a link in the note somewhere, as the link tracker (naturally) tracks links
Now, log in to the WunderCounter and create your link tracker code. There is only one bit of information to enter on each page. After that you click "continue to the next step" to keep moving. I'm saying this now in order to avoid repeating it many times below. :)

  1. Select Counter & Tracker Code from the Generate HTML menu
  2. Select Link Tracker
  3. Select HTML only
  4. Now, enter the link that you want to send people to. In my case, I'll enter
  5. Select text link
  6. Enter the text which people will actually see when your link is posted. In my case I'll enter The WunderCounter tracks links in Facebook notes
  7. Select either Yes or No when you're asked about a new browser window. Facebook takes care of this, so it's actually not relevant here
  8. When you're asked for a page name, just give it a name that will help you remember where your note is. I'll enter fb_note/
  9. Now you'll get a page with the code. Just copy the main code. You can ignore the HTML comments. That's the stuff between the <!-- and the --> tags.
That's pretty much it. Now, just take your link tracker code and copy/paste it into your Facebook note. Whenever someone clicks on the link, you'll find an entry for it in your WunderCounter logs.


Kira said...

I had expected it to show the facebook username that clicked the link. But it only gives an IP address which does not help me know who is looking at it.

test said...


That is what a lot of people expect, but that's a) not possible and b) not an advertised feature. More information on this particular problem can be found in: this post