Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Feature (Tripwire): Beta Testers Needed

Just today I've rolled out a new WunderCounter feature. I'm calling it Tripwire. Tripwire is basically an IP alert system. It's something that has been requested a few times going back several years, but I've only now had the time to do it the "right" way.

Basically, the feature works hand in hand with IP Tags and will only be available to Premium users for the time being. There are currently 2 ways to tag your IPs:

  1. By choosing IP Tagging from the Options menu
  2. By clicking a tag link when viewing your log pages
When creating or editing tags, you'll be able to turn Tripwire on or off for any tagged IP. Turning Tripwire on for an IP will flag that IP number so that you can receive alerts when this user returns to your site in future. Turning Tripwire off will (as you've probably guessed) turn off any notifications.

The Tripwire notifications will be initially be available in the form of an RSS feed. This means that you can use your favourite RSS reader (or even Outlook or your OS X Mail program) to alert you when flagged IPs hit your site. This can be handy when tracking the habits of any IP you are interested in, whether that be a friend, neighbour, ex boy/girlfriend etc. Hey, you've got your reasons and you don't have to explain anything to me. ;)

I'd like to have this beta tested for a couple of days by a few users before this becomes available to all Premium users. So, I'm looking for a few Premium users to test this out. If you're interested, just send me a note using the contact page and I'll add you to the list of beta testers. All you need to do is try out the feature and then let me know about any problems you encounter, what you like, don't like etc. It's all about getting some constructive feedback.

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